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Starzhy kennel: Bernese Mountain Dog, German Shepherd Dog, Kharkov, Ukraine
Welcome to Kennel Starzhy
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We are breeders of German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (grosser).

Our kennel was established in 1999, registered in the  FCI

Today in our kennel are for sale a
Bernese Mountain Dog puppies  , Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppies and the German Shepherd puppie
We'll help you to pick a puppy, which will correspond exactly to your requirements!

Tel. in Kharkov +38 067 9406101


02/09/12 at an International Dog Show in Dnepropetrovsk Bernese Mountain Dog Hantosso Easy Living - CAC, CACIB

11.08.12-12.08.12 Our results in show in Donetsk: Bernese Mountain Dog Ray Tasmanska Elitte - 2  x CAC, CACIB, 2 xBOB; Daily News from Christofland - 2 x CAC, CACIB

03/06/2012 Bernese Mountain Fernando Tores Starzhy on display in Poltava got another CAC, thus fulfilled the norm for the title of Champion of Ukraine. Congratulations to the owner Olga Krylova!

05/01/2012 Results Mountain Dog Club show in Kharkov, Judge D. Shalata (Ukraine):

Bernese Mountain Dazzle Starzhy - CAC, Diotima Starzhy-CAC, Best Female, Ray Tasmanska Elitte - CAC, Emili Rose iz Blagorodnogo Doma - CAC; Hantosso Easy Living - CAC

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Bagheera Starzhy - CAC, Burbar Dufur Starzhy - CAC

05/01/2012 Results of the show "Kharkiv Spring," Judge G. Severin (Ukraine):

Bernese Mountain Dazzle Starzhy - best female, CAC, Diotima Starzhy-CAC, Ray Tasmanska Elitte - CAC, BOB, Best male, Szarazpataki Giorgio - CAC, Daily News From Christofland - J.CAC;

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Bagheera Starzhy - CAC, Burbar Dufur Starzhy - CAC

05.05.2012 Diotima Starzhy - CAC,, Best female Bernese mountain dog on display in Sevastopol Congratulations to owner and handler Golovanov Tatiana.
Congratulations to the owners and handlers! We are proud of you!

Kennel Starzhy

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