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Starzhy kennel, Kharkov, Ukraine Bernese Mountain Dog.
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Bernese Mountain Dog kennel Starzhy Ukraine Kharkov

Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner sennenhund, Swiss Bernese Bouvier - synonyms) is large, massive dog with strong bones and a long elegant coat, long acted as a guard and a shepherd and later as a sled dog. (Growth of males 64-70 cm, females 58-66 cm).

In our nursery STARZHY (reg. FCI # 62/04, owner Zhitkevich SV, Kharkov, Ukraine) members of this breed of dog there for over ten years ago. Today, dog kennel winning high titles at exhibitions in Ukraine and other countries, please us with their owners and good health, great learning and nobility of style.

The purpose of our breeding  - getting strong, healthy, long-lived dogs, with good temperament.

We are always happy to assist you in choosing a puppy Bernese Mountain Dog! Tel. +38 067 9406101, +38 095 2433223

Details of our dogs you can read in the section OUR DOGS

News: now on sale in the nursery are Bernese Mountain Dog puppies!

Sincerely, Sergey and Tatiana

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